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Information  on vitamins

A combination of two terms, vital + amines, vitamins are crucial for the well being of everything alive be it man, animal or plant. That is why the debate surrounding the vitamins will never end. No one can insist enough about the importance of the vitamins in the body of human beings, both adult and child. No meal is complete without these vital components in their full measure. And they are so many, yet every single one of them is very important. Click here to shop for vitamin supplements.

In this website, you will find a lot of details on how you can make sure that you do not miss out on any crucial vitamins. You will also learn how even if what you get from vegetable and fruits is not enough, you can still be able to get your vital components from other sources like natural or organic vitamin supplements.


Facts about vitamins

Apart from Vitamin D, which comes from the sun and is synthesized in the skin, the body cannot synthesize any other vitamins as many as they are and therefore they have to be consumed. The vitamins must be consumed not only once, but as often as possible, possibly with every meal.

The main work of all vitamins is to make sure that all the biological functions of the body take place as they are supposed to. They also make sure that all reactions in the body happen as they should. They are very important for every function in the body, no matter how mundane it might seem. For example, vitamins are important for digestion, immunity provision, reproduction, growth, maintenance and many others. You just name a function, and there are vitamins that make it happen.

Though taken in through the food that we consume daily, there is no vitamin that is used as the other foods that we take in. For example, protein is used to build and repair muscles. However, vitamins are used as enzymes to enable the utilization of all the other resources in the body. For example, for carbohydrates to be burned down to produce energy, they must be enzymatically utilized. That is where the vitamins come in as enzymes. To put it simply, vitamins are only used as tools and are therefore not a source of calories.

Vitamins can be used effectively for weight loss, but only when one embarks on a good diet. The essence of this is that, as explained above, no vitamins will give you calories. So when you want to lose weight, you want to keep the amount of calories that you consume equal to those that your body uses for its daily functions. The good news is that this is possible but you should be careful to embark on diets that have been planned by qualified persons and that have been proved to work.

Deficiency in vitamins is very dangerous, and someone should make sure that their diet and their children’s diet has enough. However, maybe relying on food alone to provide you with the vitamins that are up to the fight is not enough, because research has shown that some of the foods do not have the vitamins in enough quantity. It is thus important that one go for a prescription of supplementary vitamins. They are safe for children’s consumption too.

A few years ago, vitamins were only referred to by their letter names but today, they have been given chemical names. So when looking up information about vitamins, one will find them named in letters as well as in their chemical names. For example, Vitamin B1 is also called Thiamine. There are many vitamins, but they all fall into two categories only. The first category is for the water-soluble vitamins while the second category is for those that are fat-soluble. This means that they are all absorbed differently into the system. This also dictates how the vitamins should be prepared and consumed. Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble while vitamins C, BI, B2 B6, B12 are water soluble.

Vitamins are important for the prevention of diseases

A deficiency of any of the vitamins in the body will lead to dire consequences on your health. When you do not take enough of them, it means that your body’s immunity will not be strong enough to resist attacks from pathogens.

Lack of Vitamin A causes poor night vision or a total loss of vision at night or in poor lighting.

Vitamin B, which is actually group of 9 vitamins is very important. If you do not take enough of any of the 9 vitamins, then you will suffer from more than 9 disorders. Some of the dangerous diseases that are associated with lack of Vitamin B are like beriberi, skin disorders and hair loss, anemia, among others.

Lack of vitamin C brings about scurvy, which is characterized by bleeding gums and sores in the mouth. Vitamin D, which is provided by the sun and can be had in food is important for the prevention of rickets. Vitamin K prevents anemia, which is characterized by low red blood cell count in the body. Other important things to know about vitamins are like vitamin B12, which is very important because lack of the same causes retardation in the growth of children. Vitamin H is very important but fortunately, it is widely available in almost all the foods that you eat, especially the meat and vegetables.

Vitamins are very important for the health of the mind. As you get older, you can be able to prevent memory loss by consuming vitamins in the right quantities. Just take a look in to the importance of vitamins and you will find that memory improvement ranks very high.

One of the things that many people fail to understand is that just because you take a balanced diet, it does not mean that you are getting enough vitamins in your body. Again, even though the food may have enough vitamins, the method of preparation, cooking and consumption may damage the vitamins. Maybe some of the foods should be eaten raw, yet we cook it. The solution therefore is to take supplementary vitamins in forms of pills and capsules. Thankfully, advance in medical technology has now made it easier to get supplements even for babies. While natural sources for vitamins are  the best, do not rule out supplementary vitamins yet.

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